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There has been way more interest in this thing than I expected (since I expected zero) and some people have asked what it all means. Here's the essentials: I created the first one for a client who paid me and then basically fell off the radar. About a year later they contacted me about making more tests and we began the process. Unfortunately, at that point I sent the first one to a prospective client as an example of my work, and someone there apparently posted the link to The version on my site was an early test copy in which I'd placed my own email address in the response link.

So about 100 people sent emails asking me to continue testing. Perhaps unwisely, I decided to amuse myself and created a new test of my own design that had no solution, which I sent out to all the respondents as a joke:

But then someone posted the original, genuine test to a site called i09 and I received over 900 (and counting) people who wanted to sign up for more. Unfortunately, at this point the original client found out about this and became FURIOUS. Very, very mad. Because I'd signed confidentiality agreements with them, they threatened to... well, these people are Austrian and so they are very skilled at expressing displeasure. I decided to just lay low and plead ignorance.

But then the client broke off all contact. Their website is impenetrable. I have gotten absolutely no acknowledgement of the invoices I turned in. I threatened to share the rest of their tests unless they responded... but no luck. So to make good on my threat, here's the new one.

Here's how it played out at the time, in my blog:

July 27, 2008:

August 7, 2008:

August 14, 2008: (second entry down)

August 18, 2008 (second one down)

September 11, 2008

December 20, 2009

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